Support page for VidLib - The world's first video stock footage app for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Our stock footage app is now available on the google App Store.

How to license stock footage in less then 30 seconds.

In just under a month VidLib will be available for everyone!

VidLib now available for Windows Phones.

VidLib Windows Phone App runs on both dark and light theme. App launching any day now.

As our library is growing and has reached over 100.000 clips we have added a new advanced search on iOS. Type in keywords comma separated as normal then filter it down by selecting one or more categories.

We have now added a new 1080p Photo JPEG compression option for our licenses in the VidLib apps.

This means you can buy same professional quality clips from our app as any traditional stock footage website.

Our windows phone version of vidlib has been submitted for approval. We expect to launch this fantastic new app in the weeks to come.

VidLib for iOS and OSX has been updated and now delivery footage in 4k photo jpeg resolution.

Our new app version has a great setting for video playback size. This means you can choose what quality you want the preview video sizes to be in the app. A great way to sneak preview our HD 720 quality.

On iPad in some circumstances the download purchases page does not refresh new purchases. To fix this simply download one of the older videos on the list. This is fixed in latest version.

VidLib runs the latest Facebook 3.1 SDK and it is a little buggy at times so here are a frew fixes for you in case you run into troubles getting connected.

- If you accidentally tap Don’t allow permissions when you first log in using Facebook then app might show you SDK error 2. To fix this open settings on your device and select Facebook. Then give VidLib permissions to use your account. We only use your email address and name for our user accounts and do not share these details with anyone. It’s simple there for you as a tool so that licensing is nice and easy and we already got your details when you purchase clips.

There is also a possibility that you delete permissions from Facebook in Settings / Apps and this will also cause an error. 

In short, make sure VidLib has access to your Facebook account both on your device and Facebook. To reset any errors delete the app from Facebook and Delete the app from your device and start over. This will fix the problem for ever.

Our app is now universal and works on all devices and handsets You can even download vidlib for you Mac to get a desktop version on your computer.

- Download Error Message

To download video to your iPhone or iPad VidLib needs permissions to access your photos. If you don’t give VidLib permissions then you will get a download error message. To fix this please open privacy setting and photos to give VidLib permissions.

- Nothing happens?

If nothing happens when you try and download the clip then send us an email and we will make sure the file is available for you. Sometimes our servers might be busy or the file is not available but there is always an easy fix for this. Just get in touch.